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"Chisom Ogbonna works well with players of all skill levels! His activities keep the players engaged and interested. He is positive, and he really shows enthusiasm in all he does! You can tell he enjoys teaching and helping others improve their game".


"The thing that my daughter loves about training with Chisom is his positive, encouraging attitude and the intensity of his coaching. She feels like she gets so much out of each training session. The thing that I love is her excitement she has on the day that she has training with Chisom! He is a wonderful person as well as a very skilled coach. I highly recommend him and Ogbonna Training Academy to everyone".



"Top notch training! Great staff"


"A committed coach, committed to the growth of each and everyone of his players".


"Best trainer for any position and always pushing you to be better"


"Amazing Trainer. Really passionate about his craft and very knowledgeable".


"Chisom is the real deal! He has a way of working and pushing players beyond what they are used to while making it fun. We love it"!!!


"My 8 year old has been working with Chisom for the past couple months and we've already seen improvement in his kicking power. The patience he has with young kids is admirable. Chisom keeps the sessions fast paced and uses a variety of drills to teach proper footwork, passing, dribbling, shooting and 1v1 techniques. Chisom preaches that to improve you must work to get extra touches on the ball. Team practices alone don't do it.

Get more touches...use FC Ogbonna Training"!


"in 4 weeks, 1 hr a week, we have seen a drastic improvement in touches, passing, ball control, and speed. we couldn't be more pleased with the results. I highly recommend coach chisom for any age child development, and skills training".


"Coach Chisom knows how to work with kids as well as teens and can adapt to different skill levels. Well worth the money for his training. You will not be disappointed !!!"


"Chisom is inspiring, positive, SKILLED , passionate and has had a huge impact on Elliot's game and confidence !!! Thank you Chisom!"

Ashley J

"We have been practicing with Chisom for a few Months now and absolutely love it. We have noticed great improvement in skill and strength. We recommend Chisom and FC to everyone!"


"Chisom is Sooo Extremely Talented. Soo Many Will Benefit from Him Using His Skills Footbal Perfectionist and as A Multi Chamipionship Winner To Train and Teach, This is Just What He Should Be Doing Right Now."

Tina O

"I played college ball for 4 years and semi-pro for a couple of seasons now. I am still trying to go play at the next level. So believe me when I tell you that Ogbonna Training is 100% worth it if you want your kid to develop as a soccer player. The sessions are very challenging and it will improve your kids’ abilities in all aspects".


"Hands down best trainer ever !!! 10/10 nothing but positivity !!! He can make a dream work" !


"Very impressed! Chisom exudes all kinds of positive energy and makes conditioning and fundamentals fun for the kids"!


"Coach Chisom is so awesome! His energy and love for the game is contagious. My 2 kids look forward to their sessions with Ogbonna Training each week, and the skills they have learned have greatly improved their game"!


"Dylan is happier than ever. He fell in love with this sport last fall and now we found someone that can help him be a little star. Dylan understands that in order for him to be a great player he has to work hard and he got a taste of hard work on his first session but he did not quit! We are so looking forward to this season! I know his improvement will be greatly noticeable".


"My 9 year old has been training with Chisom for almost a year now. We have been nothing but impressed with how much he has learned and how much he has improved. Chisom is dedicated to these kiddos and does such a great joy motivating and accelerating their soccer skills".


"Amazing Trainer! My son loves working under Ogbonna! He's passionate ,professional and knowledgeable about the sport. He can train any age player for any position. He's very encouraging , respectful and knows how to push my son beyond his comfort zone. My son looks forward to training under Ogbonna and would train daily! Ogbonna Training is highly recommended by myself and my son" !


"Coach Chisom is so skilled and teaches with so much passion! Highly recommend"!


"Chisom is a great coach with so much passion and dedication to the game. We have seen great improvement while working with him for the past few months. We recommend him to everyone" !!!


"Coach Chisom is the best! Works well with kids and makes it fun."


"My nine year old son has been training with Mr. Ogbonna at least once a week for more than a year. During this time, he has shown continued improvement in his tekkers and has developed complete confidence on the ball. Perhaps most importantly, Chisom has shared his LOVE for "the beautiful game" with my son. The sessions are always organized, efficient, and FUN! Not a single minute is wasted. Deciding to train with Chisom has been the best decision I have made regarding my son's soccer development in Mobile!"

William L

"Great player. Great coach. Extremely professional."


"Marcus and I just love your training program. Your time and patience is just what they need. Thank you so much for everything you do and will continue to do. You are a blessing. Thanks COACH"


"We love Coach Chisom! He is very motivational and encouraging. Mack has improved so much in just a few weeks. We would definitely recommend Coach Chisom to anyone looking to improve their soccer skills".  "Mack: Coach Chisom is the best coach in the whole world. He is patient with me and very nice. He makes it easy to understand and improve."

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